Battlefield 2042 - Breakaway
Battlefield 2042's Antarctica map was an enormous undertaking. Luckily we had some waddling friends
joining in on our journey, providing an extra boost of passion in any challenging times.

Aside from making penguins and oil rigs I was also responsible for planning and managing our 3D backlog,
while directing external partners. Also took on the level art surrounding my own areas.

Was responsible for the hard surface 3D art on "Breakaway" and various parts of the map.
Drove the penguin initiative and created all map specific wildlife.
Animation/system by VFX artist Tobias Ahlgrén.
Composed, dressed and designed the level's oil rig.
Also made its building blocks, the foundation, and polished the surrounding area.
Towers/cranes/props were built in collaboration with external partners.
Level design guidance from Thomas Ulfström and Jon Walmsley.
Made a highly flexible house system used for both offshore and inland architecture. Set up destruction and dressed interiors.
Made the overlook base seen in trailers and marketing.
Props/helipads/radar were built by external partners.
Our extensive oil port area. A lot of effort went into planning/scoping of reusable assets for it all.
Managed the whole backlog throughout the project and directed our external artists.
Dedicating a final slide to my incredible team.
Was a long and eventful ride!

Level Art: Petter Sköld
Level Art: John Troive
Level Art: Emelie Nilsson
Level Art: David Holland
Level Art: Lucas Josefsson
3D Art: Joel Zakrisson
Level Design: Thomas Ulfström
Level Design: Jon Walmsley
Lighting: Karl Stjernberg
Tech Art: Mariusz Waclawek
VFX: Johannes Coatzé
3D Lead: Maria Norkvist
World Art Director: Johannes Fors

EA Shanghai
3D Art: Karen Wu
3D Art: Lisen Lin
3D Leads: Chris Lu, Michael Guo, Jessing Chen

Penguin Interview: "Battlefield Briefing: Answering Your Reveal Questions"