Battlefield 2042 - Redacted
For Battlefield 2042's Season 6 map "Redacted" I got to lay my hands on a mysterious forest
inside a secret facility, where something truly terrifying was waiting to be uncovered...

It was so much fun to play around with compositions for this one, and returning to horror was such a treat!
Was responsible for the Field Testing biodome. I did the level art from blockout to polish, and put particular effort into improving on
composition and ease of navigation, while still keeping the core level design intact.
While the biodome's jungle was artifically made, I still wanted some parts to really feel as if you were in an outside forest.
A lot of effort went into modifying existing content to fit the vision of a creepy jungle.
I twisted branches and added extra little details.
I was also responsible for some interior sections.
In this space augmented soldiers were prepared for battle before stepping into the biodomes.
Got to work a lot with blood and storytelling in these areas, similar to my time on Dead Space.
Some of the initial level design blockouts were quite challenging to tackle.
In these cases we Environment Artists tried to simplify things as much as possible.
To improve on navigation, we added several landmarks inside of the dome, like this cave.
Had a lot of fun working with the composition in these spaces!
Framing paths with twisted branches and pushing shapes of rock formations.
Practice range houses were set up by me and finished by our colleagues at EA Shanghai.
Destruction and wind setup for all vegetation was also done by them. I provided feedback
and guidance along the way.
And of course, the plushies had to make a comeback.
I'm pleased to say that Dead Space's "Good Company Squad" made it into Battlefield as well!
Zbrush sculpt of the penguin plush that I was responsible for.
Environment Art: Gaëtan Perrot
Environment Art: Daniel Schönherr
Environment Art: Hannes Lidbeck
Environment Art: Lars Mårtensson
Environment Art: Daniel Cambrand
Environment Art: Joel Zakrisson
Environment Art Lead: Mikael Karnell
Level Design: Gabriel Sanchez
Lighting: Stefania Hernandez
Lighting: Anders Lorentzen
Tech Art: Victor Malm
Tech Design: Julia Holmlund
Tech Design: Jack Fuller
VFX: David Bond
VFX: Attila Herczeg
Environment Art Lead: Mikael Karnell
Art Direction: George Bordeanu
Outsourcing Lead: Erik Pettersson

EA Shanghai
3D Art: Li Na
3D Art: Jessing Chen

3D Art: Tatiana Gorbunova
3D Art: Turutov Vladimir
3D Art: Sergey Kuznetsov
3D Art: Alexander Chesnokov