Battlefield V
I only worked on this project for a few months, but was still lucky enough to get some really exciting tasks.
Responsibilities included the art for the Main Menu, 3D work for the "Under no Flag" war story, and level art for the Egalité forest.

Article: "DICE: Behind the Art of Battlefield and Battlefront"
Created the environments for the Main Menu (with reused props and materials).
Made the enigma machine in the Assignments Menu.
Assisted the "Under No Flag" singleplayer pod as their 3D Artist. Worked on the ruins and the village, among else.
Helped level owner Petter Sköld by cleaning up scans and doing additional level art for "Egalité". Lots of credit to all artists involved here. Was a team effort in so many ways!
Also made the hangar environment for the Customization Menu.

Under no Flag:
Level Art: Simon Barle
Level Art: Pontus Ryman
Level Art: Pierre Autissier
3D Art: Marcus Fritze
3D Art: Jake Oliver
3D Art: Joel Zakrisson
Level Design: Shashank Uchil
Level Design: Kalle Nyström
Level Design: Isak Åberg Nordmark

Level Art: Petter Sköld
Level Art: David Holland
Level Art: Pontus Ryman
Level Art: John Troive
Level Art: Johan Lütze
Level Art: Joel Zakrisson
Level Design: Aron Ahlback
Level Design: Julien Petotte
Environment Lead: Jens Oras

Main Menu:
Lighting: Tilmann Milde
Lighting: Sofie Trigo Wagner
3D/Level Art: Joel Zakrisson

None of this would be possible without all of
these wonderful colleagues at DICE!