Star Wars Battlefront II: 2020
I've always been a fan of the First Order and their more lighthearted side.
So when the opportunity came up I just had to make a Mess Hall for them with fun little props!

Article: "DICE: Behind the Art of Battlefield and Battlefront"
Was responsible for all 3D art on the First Order Star Destroyer.
Built the Mess Hall and led a team of external/internal 3D artists.
Some lunch alternatives for our hard working stormtroopers, prepared by me in Zbrush.
Gotta serve the crew's technically minded as well!
Rigged/animated by Christian Martinsson.
Modules were planned and set up by me. Finalized them together with my 3D team.
Also made the unlockable Treasure Room for the final patch.
Had lingered in my mind since we finished Maz's Castle in 2017.
Credit to Gonzalo Sallés for the team painting!
Props I created for the castle and treasure room.
Castle bricks sculpted in Zbrush and textured in Substance Painter with scan data.

Star Destroyer:
Level Art: Wille Wintertidh
Level Design: Julien Petotte
3D Art: Joel Zakrisson
3D Art: Jonas Holmedal
3D Art: André Boström
Lighting: Tilmann Milde

Treasure Room:
Painting: Gonzalo Sallés
3D Art: Joel Zakrisson
3D Art: Daniel Rocque Bengtsson
Easter Egg Design: Edvin Eriksson
Lighting: Tilmann Milde