Dead Space - Assets
In 2022, I got the great opportunity to work on the Dead Space remake together with EA Motive, for almost a full year.
This page is dedicated to the project's first half, when I worked with the team's modelers to create a variety of assets.
Created the Executive Shuttle's interiors together with my DICE colleague Anton Kavousi.
I was responsible for architecture, while Anton built the desks, chairs, and screens.
Created the Mineral Processing Rings for the Mining Deck.
Got to make the lifts used for various areas. Clean, Industrial, and Public.
Made a ramp truck inbetween larger tasks, once again with Anton Kavousi. I made the body and Anton took care of wheels and smaller parts.
"The Good Company Squad"
A few of us at DICE wanted to bring something extra personal to the game.
Penguin's by me, Shark and Crab by Anton Kavousi, and the Dino's by Sebastian Salvo.
Mech toy's by Maxemillian Roberts.
And ending with a few last Mineral Processing Ring shots.

Modeling Lead: Joseph Botardo
Associate Art Director: Roy Tuazon
Sen. Environment Artist: Taylor Kingston

Modeling Artist: Anton Kavousi