Dead Space - Environments
During my last months on Dead Space I got to work with Motive's environment team, to take several parts of the ship to final quality.
The work mainly consisted of prop dressing, polish, and decal work, but also included a bit of modeling for some areas.
Partnered up with Evan Yovanovich to finalize several areas of the game.
For the Comms Array I focused on corruption build-up, while he did the architecture.
For the Crew Quarters I focused on prop dressing, decal work, and general polish.
Evan took care of the architecture and larger lobby spaces.
Welcome to the Deluxe Sleeping Quarters! Had lots of fun playing around with storytelling in these areas.
Things on the ship might have got a little bit out of hand in this part of the story...
Crew Members used to have some really good times here in the Zero-G Gym.
The Steward's offices, but nowadays poor Dr. Kyne's room.
Did the same type of dressing/decal/polish pass here.
I and Evan also did the final pass for Ishimura's hangar.
Finished several assets and modules, such as floors, lifts and containers.

Comms Array
Environment Art: Evan Yovanovich
Environment Art: Joel Zakrisson
Level Design: Louis-Etienne Rivet
Lighting: Jean-Sebastien Ouellet
Lighting: Michael Yeomans

Crew Deck
Environment Art: Evan Yovanovich
Environment Art: Joel Zakrisson
Environment Art: Taylor Kingston
Level Design: Samuel Kack
Lighting: Thomas Mothe
Lighting: Anthony Lampa

Environment Art: Evan Yovanovich
Environment Art: Alex Labranche
Environment Art: Taylor Kingston
Environment Art: Joel Zakrisson
Lighting: Guillaume Goudreault
Lighting: Anthony Lampa

Art Direction
Art Director: Mike Yazijian
Associate Art Director: Roy Tuazon
Environment Art Lead: Xavier Perreault
Lead Modeler: Joseph Botardo

Special thanks
Concept art: Nicolas Ferrand, Martin Sabran & Room8 Studio
Art Dev. Partners: Mindwalk Studios & Liquid Development
The original Dead Space team at Visceral Games